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I actually contest that the indoor ornithologist is collecting information on the raven hypothesis. Not just limited information, no information, no information. See, there are two hidden statements here.

1) A raven is a type of bird.

2) There are no birds in my house.

If, indeed, we aren't certain if all ravens are birds, or if I have a parakeet, then the indoor ornithologist can contribute to the cause of science by reporting on the status of non black objects that they have lying around.

Suppose an alien offers a billion tons of gold if humanity can correctly answer the question, "are all zxcbfs black?" We ask the alien to repeat that,, because we didn't quite catch that last bit.

Then they hand every human a magic wand that detects if an object is a zxcbfs or not.

Initially, you should scan everything in your house, everything in your yard. Every result is something.

The paradox seems to flip back and forth between the two scenarios, one where we know a great deal about ravens, and one where we pretend raven is some mysterious category never before conceived by humans.

Investing pink slippers only makes sense if you think they might be a raven.

I'm on a phone, so my formatting is trash, sorry.

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